In short: Marika Smith is a sex educator, podcaster, private counsellor, public speaker and freelance writer specialised in sex and relationships. She is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

I call myself a sex inspirator due to my aim to focus on the positive, fun, enpowering and self-developing aspects of human sexuality.

At the moment, I offer:

  • Private counselling/coaching for individuals, couples or poly constellations in Swedish and English
    Do you feel that you need guidance or further knowledge when it comes to sex and relationships? Are you curious of what else there is to discover in your erotic life? Do you need help to communicate about sex, or rekindle the flame between you and your partner? Maybe you want to learn som tips and tricks on how to maximise your pleasure in bed or overcome obstacles?
    In my private counselling you come to my home (or video call, of course), sit on my couch and talk about sex. On your own terms, with our without a specific goal. Most people find this utterly soothing and enpowering, and a great start for both managing and preventing problems in the sex department. I offer coaching packages of minimum five sessions, plus a starting session. After that first session, you decide wether you want to continue our work (so far, no one has said no!)
    The sessions are held at my place in Fruängen, Stockholm, or by Zoom/Skype/Facetime. Price is 2900 SEK or 300 Euro, payed in advance, for a 75 minute session.
    Book your first session here.
  • Classes and lectures in Swedish and English
    I offer a wide range of lectures, hands-on workshops, classes and seminars on sex, for private parties, companies and organisations. From hen parties to science conferences. A few recurring subjects among many others:
    – BDSM and fetishism
    – Pleasing the Pussy Bootcamp – how female desire really works
    – Oral sex classes  (practised on deliciously juicy fruit)
    – ”The Orgasm Gap” and how to close it
    – How to keep attraction alive and kicking in longterm relationships
    – Make your own sex toys
    – #metoo from a sex ed perspective – for teachers, schools and workplaces
    – Sex tech, robots and teledildonics
    – Porn, from an non-judging perspective
  • Writing assignments
    Journalistic, informational, commercial content, and more. Mainly in Swedish but I welcome assignments in English as well.
  • ”Sexpertice” in the media
    Do you need a sex expert for your article, tv show, podcast, panel talk etcetera? Look no further. I’m inspirational and fun as well as really nerdy about sex facts.
    Need someone to explain all that stuff about the Swedish sin and why us Swedes love to be naked in nature? Get in touch.

Ready for more? Please get in touch by email: marika@sexinspiration.se

(I regret that I’m not able to answer personal sex questions via email, but I will happily help you if you make an appointment.)

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